Lefkada town
Lefkada Town
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Lefkada Town

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Lefkada is an Ionian island located in the western part of Greece and is part of the regional unit of Lefkada. It is also known as Lefkas or Lepanto and is nicknamed for its beauty the "Bride of the Ionian Sea". The island has long been a popular tourist destination for its stunning beaches and crystal clear waters, although even in peak season it remains relatively uncrowded.

The largest population center on Lefkada island is the port town of Lefkada, located at the entrance of the picturesque bay of Vasiliki. This lively town has many traditional Greek tavernas and cafes, each specializing in delicious local cuisine. There are also several stores selling souvenirs and local handicrafts, as well as numerous galleries showcasing the work of local artists. There are also several museums where visitors can learn more about the history and culture of Lefkadan.

Nearby is Nidri, the second largest village on the island, which offers a stunning view of Scorpios island and mainland Greece. There are many beach bars here, where tourists can enjoy local music or dance until late at night if they feel like having a more lively evening! In addition to the beaches, there are plenty of things to do, such as visiting one of the many monasteries or taking a fascinating boat trip along the coast that will take you past the many tiny islets that offer amazing places to swim and snorkel!

When it comes to choosing accommodation in Lefkada (Lefkas), there are many options available, ranging from luxury hotels offering rooms with views of the sea and Porto Katsiki beach - one of the most beautiful spots on the entire island - to inexpensive apartments located within walking distance of the city center.

When it comes to things to do while visiting this magical Greek island, the following activities may be considered: hiking in the majestic mountains in search of wildflowers; exploring the many secluded coves, ideal for snorkeling or diving; boating on the Acheloos River - one of the longest rivers in Greece - discovering hidden waterfalls that cascade down the cliffs into cool pools!

Lefkada, Greece, is a stunning paradise with something for everyone. Located on the shores of the Ionian Sea and surrounded by lush greenery, Lefkada offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean landscape. The island is known for its gorgeous white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and unique architecture. There's plenty to explore - climb Mount Skaros for panoramic views, or explore hidden coves along the rugged coastline.