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Lefkada Lighthouse, also known as Dukato Lighthouse, is located in the southernmost part of the Greek island of Lefkada, overlooking the Ionian Sea. The majestic tower, 25 meters high, is one of the most prominent landmarks in the area, its bright white light is visible from land and sea.

The lighthouse was first built in 1858 and since then it has been an important navigational aid for ships passing through the Ionian Sea. It has undergone various reconstructions over the years to ensure its stability - today its base stands firmly on top of the Ducato rock, a rocky ledge facing both sides of the northern coast of Lefkada Island.

By design, the Lekfada lighthouse consists of two separate parts: the lower half, built of stone blocks in the form of an octagonal prism with three faces, and the upper half, a cylindrical shape topped by an iron lantern, which houses a fourth-order optical device. This distinctive design emits a strong lighthouse light that can be seen up to 20 nautical miles (about 37 kilometers) away.

The lower part is accessed by a spiral stone staircase inside the tower, which leads to a small living quarters located 28 meters above sea level, where four keepers are housed, depending on the windy weather. The quarters also serve as storage for provisions, and the upper and lower levels are surrounded by sturdy parapets (walls) that provide protection from strong winds, which is especially useful during the winter seasons when the area experiences heavy rainfall.

More than 150 years since its erection in 1858, the Ducato Lighthouse has become one of Greece's most famous heritage sites, annually attracting many tourists fascinated by its striking architecture and other attributes, making it a truly remarkable attraction not only for sailors, but also for anyone who visits this amazing corner of the world!

The Ducato Lighthouse in Lefkada, Greece, is a stunning piece of architecture that stands out against the beautiful landscape of the Ionian Sea. Located on top of a small hill, this lighthouse has served as a lighthouse of safety for centuries and still works today.